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Sick of over priced services at your dealer? Then give us a try.

(Note: if your bike is still under warranty you need an authorized service agent to keep them happy)



Anything from a simple oil & filter change to a comprehensive service we have the skills to do it all.


We stock a large range of consumables. Filters, belts, plugs, synthetic oils, brake pads, chains and sprockets and of course tyres. With many years experience with Ducati and all the shims & tools we need your services will be much easier on the pocket!


We have the gear to diagnose everything on your Ducati. From just a simple service light reset to sorting out those annoying faults.


We can disable immobilizers, set up your TPS, read & clear fault codes and much more. Note: different functions can only be preformed on certain ECUs so please inquire if we can do what you want to yours.   


Too many owners either overlook or don't know how to set up their suspension properly. With many years experience in racing and road riding we know how to get it right. (or very close anyway)

It may just need a few clicks on the adjusters or a change of oil and spring rate. Getting your Ducati to handle right not only makes it safer but far more pleasurable to ride.

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