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Mecanica M1100R

Updated: Mar 9

The new M1100R-24 is all done. I have been working on this in the background for awhile. Based on a Hypermotard 1100 evo it was built more as a styling exercise than an outright performer. A face-lift version of the previous 'R' bikes. Engine is basically standard apart from pod filter & hand built exhaust. Its running 848 forks & a CNC machined top triple clamp to get the geometry right for the track. All the bodywork a new design by Mecanica.

First time out at the track I eased into the first session and everything felt pretty good. Just maybe needs a little more rebound both ends. 7 laps in and it started popping and banging on overrun. My first thought was it may be running out of fuel so I called the session short. In the garage the bike was stupid loud! I had used brass O2 sensor bungs as they are easy to get out come tune time. Too easy it seems as one had exited on its own. Nothing on hand so that was the day done.

It was a shame not to have had the chance to dial it in a bit more but overall pretty happy with a low 1:43 around Ruapuna first time out.

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