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Superstock Open Champion 2023

Sound of Thunder was an awesome weekend and produced a bunch of firsts. First SOT on the Mecanica M1100RS. First time on slicks in about 15 years. First 1:38 lap time on the bike. First time to qualify on the front row for MotoEuro. And best of all, first in Superstock Open with pole and 3 race wins. That is four years running, also a first.

A new Ohlins rear shock and a bit of work setting it up is certainly paying off. I feel there is more pace to come once I get used to the slicks.

A special thanks to everyone involved. Crew Chief Sue Carter, Jeremy Carter, Andy Taylor, Damien Whiffen, Steve Gibbons, Campbell Stevenson, Dennis O'Connor, Mike Todd, Jeff Nash, Durham Throp See you all same time next year

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